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Recently I wrote how the Lion upgrade to my beloved iMac 27″ trashed my Boot Camp partition and the ability for VMware to use it.
Well fortunately the fix was fairly straight forward. It seems my pet Lion hadn’t done any such thing. Even though the Boot Camp Assistant reported that there was no Boot Camp partition, and the VMWare Fusion VM said there was no partition, and I could no longer boot into windows @ boot time (don’t ask), good ol’ fsck disagreed with them all.
All I did to remedy the problems was…

  1. In VMWare Fusion 3.1.x I deleted the virtual machine referencing my Boot Camp Partition
  2. In Fusion, open the Virtual Machine Library (??L)
  3. After you have deleted the original VM, click on the Home button to display the setup options
  4. Create a new VM off your Boot Camp Partition (which is still there but hiding after the Lion ate it)
  5. It will now tell you that it is setting up the partition so that VMWare can access it properly.  This seems to be the crucial step!
  6. Hey presto, it is all back and running properly.  You can even boot into the Boot Camp partition again at boot time.

I am not sure what Lion breaks (eats) or why this fixes it exactly as I don’t have time to research it enough, but suffice to say it is working and I am happy again.