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Secure Private Cloud Hosting

SPCH is Ramtech’s proprietary  “Secure Private Cloud Hosting” It differs greatly, and in many ways from what is generally referred to as “the Cloud”.
Our SPCH Platform is modelled after the U.S.A.’s HIPAA standards for security and accountability.  In stark contrast to other providers, we never track or access your data, and we have no rights to ownership or use of your data at all.  Your data always remains privately, and securely Yours.
The infrastructure that our SPCH solution is built upon, is owned, maintained and operated by Ramtech (Not the Banks or a third party) in our State of the Art Brisbane data center. This is an extremely secure facility, that is constantly maintained at the perfect environmental conditions.  In addition, it has multiple backup generators (3+ Weeks at full power without diesel refuel), and multiple redundant network connections to the outside world.
A few Benefits of SPCH for your Business.

Greater Data Security and Access

•Data is not stored on a PC
•Data is backed up hourly within our data facility. (Additional offsite back up are also available)
•You retain the full copyright and intellectual property rights of your data assets.
•You control who has access to your data assets.
•You control the level of access your staff has to your data assets
•Your data does not pass through the internet and is not data mined

Financial Benefits to your Business.

•Your SPCH is an Operational Expense and 100% tax deductible
•This solution has a much lower overall and ongoing cost
•No more server upgrade costs. All server hardware costs are at Ramtech’sexpense.
•No server maintenance or support costs. These are also borne by Ramtech
•No more software upgrade costs. The latest version of all Microsoft software is always available at your request. These are also borne by Ramtech.
•Lower dependency on your local PC’s, allows cheaper PC purchase cost and longer PC service life.
SPCH is easy to integrate your Telephony if required. ( this can also save you a lot) –link to Telephony page.

SPCH is flexible with your business

•Easily expands or contracts with your business
•As you are not locked into a fixed time contract it is easy to add or remove users as your business grows and changes
•You can fully cost your IT requirements into your wages
•The reason we don’t lock users into a contract time frame is that we believe the product is good enough that you won’t want to move away. This also gives you the confidence to know that you are still in control of your data and your IT operations.